Playfly Sports Releases 'Fan Score: NHL Edition'

BERWYN, PA – Playfly Sports, the Fan Focused and Data Driven leader in sports media, marketing and technology, today released its latest Playfly Fan Score: NHL Edition, created through an exclusive partnership between Playfly and Vision Insights and proprietary access to Playfly data. The Fan Score report marks the first time the NHL and its teams have been ranked based on fandom and commercial metrics.

As a thought leader in the space, the findings show the NHL is at a great point in history, particularly its innovative technology like digitally enhanced dasherboards (DEDs) and puck and player tracking. NHL game attendance is also at an all-time high, drawing more fans than the NBA regular season.

“The NHL continues to thrive after another successful regular season of fan engagement that has carried into an exciting Stanley Cup playoffs where we are witnessing the furthest distance between two cities in the Final in NHL history,” said Mike Schreiber, Founder and CEO of Playfly Sports. “The Playfly Fan Score reflects the soaring popularity of the NHL, with fan engagement at an all-time high.”

“By applying Playfly’s proprietary Fandom as a Service methodology, coupled with Fan Score, we deliver actionable insights to the NHL and its partners that unlock incremental and unique revenue-driving opportunities,” continued Schreiber.

This NHL Edition of the Playfly Sports Fan Score report sets out to debunk any misconceptions about NHL fans – one of the youngest, most educated, wealthiest, and most tech-savvy fanbases in American sports. It’ll explore the current state of the league, delve into fans’ outlook on the future of the sport, examine what differentiates the NHL, and explore best practices for cultivating the most valuable asset in fandom, the NHL’s “Forever Fan.”

Among the Fan Score insights:

    • The NHL reached an all-time high in attendance this past season, drawing more fans than the NBA 2023-24 regular season. The Devils (+16%), Panthers (+12%), and Blackhawks (+10%) lead the way in attendance increases.
    • With new technology advancements including NHL Edge, the NHL fanbase leads the big four American sports in tech adoption and connectivity.
    • NHL revenue increased by 21% year-over-year, a larger increase than the NFL has had in any of the past 10 seasons.
    • For the third straight season, average goals per game is the highest it’s been since the early 1990s.
    • Hockey commands the most action time per broadcast than any other big four sports, with 43% of the broadcast being action.
    • NHL regular season viewing was at the highest it’s been in the past six season with a 5.7% increase versus last season and 29.5% since 2019-20. Additionally, local broadcasts dominate regular season viewing at 76%.

The Playfly Fan Score is based on proprietary algorithms grounded in elements of fandom that can help predict future sentiment and engagement.

The specific scoring system utilizes 12 fan-based factors that Playfly has historically been providing as part of broader, impactful analyses for teams, leagues, and brands. These industry-leading factors support Playfly’s clients in driving revenue, reach and engagement through sports fans.

The Playfly Insights team is actively plugged into NHL teams, tapping into the exclusive tools, custom studies, and data activation plans to support growth and innovation. For more information about Playfly Insights, access to the complete Playfly Fan Score: NHL Edition, and to stay up to date on future editions of the Playfly Fan Score powered by Vision Insights, please visit:




Playfly Sports is a sports media, marketing and technology business centered around the team, league, brand, and network.  Believing in ‘Fandom as a Service’​ and focusing on a consultative, data driven approach to REACH, ENGAGE, MONETIZE AND MEASURE FANDOM gives the company’s partners and brands a competitive advantage.​ Playfly connects more than 2,000 brand partners with approximately 83% of all U.S. sports fans. Through the proprietary platform the business delivers scalable, data-oriented marketing, technology, and media solutions with capabilities including exclusive MMR management, sponsorship sales and activation, streaming, consulting, ticket/premium sales, all along with new revenue-driving platforms and technologies. Founded in September of 2020, Playfly Sports is now home to approximately 1,000 team members located across 43 U.S. states dedicated to maximizing the impact of highly passionate local sports fans. Follow Playfly Sports on social media @PlayflySports or visit

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